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  • Prefix: isla
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  • Category: Utility
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Isla Discord Bot

## Bot Description
**Isla** is a bot thats based on the anime character Isla (アイラ) from [plastic memories](
She has a lot of categories such as **Fun**,**Media**,**Moderation**,**Configurations** and much more.
Isla is still being constantly updated and constantly adding features.
We are open for suggestions and take bug reports and feedback very seriously.
She has a great attitude and replies "politely".
She currency is at 70+ commands so hope you'll enjoy spending your discord time with her.

## What's new in December 2020
To make 2020 at least better,I have made a new category that everyone has been suggesting me to add..**Moderation**.Yes! Moderation is one of Isla's categories.Currently there are only a few basic moderation commands: **Warn** **Warnings** **Mute** **Unmute** **Ban** **Unban** **Kick**,much more are being added soon!

## Well Known Features
Isla has some features that are firmiliar to almost everyone..**starboard**.Yes,Isla has a starboard feature thats everyone is firmiliar with.

## New Features
- Isla now has a reaction role feature! Type isla rr to view it
- Isla also has music commands