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Muzzled Fox Discord Bot

I'm a gag bot that will gag you and force you to say "Yes, Sir!".
I will place your in a heavy restraints, gags/straitjacket/cuffs/hoods.
Bringing BDSM features to Discord. And much more...
Commands are ideal for the following communities: bdsm, pet-play, abdl, chastity.
Do to the nature of its functions, the bot should only be used in NSFW tagged channels, channels for 18+ or servers for 18+.
If you dont want the bot to add slash commands, remove %20applications.commands from its invite link.
The bot request extra permission for its Utility commands, if you don't desire to use them, you can remove those permission: Manage Server, Manage Channels, Kick/Ban Members, Create Invite, Manage Nicknames, Manage Emojis, View Audit Log.

BDSM features
- Simulate gagging your sub and watching them try to speak (aka type).
- (Fictional) Shock Collar, support both bad-word and enforced-words list.
- [New] Internet Shock Collar PiShock
• Allows linking bot fictional shock to PiShock internet controlled remote shocking device.
• Supports sending custom beep,vibrate, shock command to PiShocker.
•⚠ STILL IN BETA, report any bugs please so we can fix them.
- Nametag, allow using custom avatar and name for gagged posts.
- Timelock, set up a condition where unlocking can't be used while timelock is active.
- Can sets up more realistic bdsm experience. Limiting the time between the post and channels.

(Fictional) Diaper
- Interactive fictional diaper

Chastity and Diaper verification
- Asks you to post an image to the text channel with the random code.

Chastity Session
- Like Emlalock but now to discord.
- Can assign a keyholder, can add&sub duration, can perform hygiene openings, can perform verification.

Characters Organizer

Emote Utility
- Allowing to upload/remove/rename/set roles for the server emote.
- Backing up your server emotes by downloading them.
- By adding role(s) to the server custom emojis, you limit that only members with that role can use the emoji.

And much more....