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Meon Discord Bot

Meon is a multi-purpose bot capable of carrying out many tasks! Here are some cool, epic things Meon can do:

- Kicking and banning people
- Clearing the chat
- Rolling a die
- Generating random numbers (..why)
- Shaking the magic 8ball (innovative, never seen before feature…)
- Displaying detailed coronavirus statistics (you can even select a country)
- Displaying news
- Showing dank and fresh memes directly from the reddit oven
- Beans from the reddit subreddit r/beansinthings (because why not)
- Displaying Hypixel Network player and guild statistics
- Complimenting you (definitely not randomized -w-)
- Sharing random shrek quotes
- Giving you a copyable version of a user’s profile picture
- Sharing cute cat and dog pictures
- Making Quick Polls
- Cracking dad jokes
- Displaying showerthoughts
- Sharing the best wallpapers from r/wallpapers
- Analyzing your profile to articulate your IQ
- Rating how fabulous you are from 1 to 10
- Being epic in your DM's
- Giving you detailed information about a user
- OWOifing your text
- Analyzing and displaying how many messages there are in a channel
- Block whatever words you want from being said on the server

and more!

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