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Santa Bot Discord Bot

Boo Bot (aka Santa Bot) it’s a bot that will bring Halloween fun to your servers! More than 500 servers love the seasonal themes!

Boo will be your host for this season! Trick or Treat? Get ready to get all the candy from our spooky gang, but be careful about the poisoned ones! The Bot is capable of running a game on your server to see who are the fastest ones getting candy that randomly appears.

What comes with it?

Channel Set-Up: You’ll have to set up a channel where the wild hearts are going to appear. You can now mention the channel!

Make candy appear: You can make candy appear if they're taking too long to appear. (Non-premium users would have to manually make a coin appear)

Leaderboard: It contains its very own Leaderboard to see who is winning and how is everyone doing on your server and globally.

Help command: It shows you the available commands.

Reports: Each member can view how many points they have without seeing the leaderboard.

Info commands: See all the info about the bot. And more features will be added.

Fun commands: Get jokes, memes and more!

Get ready to have some spooky fun, Halloween fun in your server!

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