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  • Prefix: me!
  • Servers: 48
  • Category: Other
  • Accepts Donations?: No
  • Last Bumped: 2 days ago

MemeCord Discord Bot

MemeCord is a simple, easy to use, memes bot!
You will see all commands in me!help!

**Current number of all commands:** 10 <br>
**Current number of avaible commands:** 8

Bot deafult prefix is: me! <br>

Bot will be updated in the future

I'm not Dank Memer!
NEVER Dank Memer!
MemeCord is ONLY INSPIRATED DankMemer but is not!

MemeCord have a 5 memes commands:
- me!dankmeme
- me!ecomeme
- me!meirl
- me!meme
- me!dadjoke
MemeCord have a 3 utilities commands:
- me!ping
- me!help
- me!userinfo

MemeCord have a 2 bot-owner commands:
- me!reload
- me!eval