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  • Prefix: bb
  • Servers: 8
  • Category: Utility
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Bump Buddy Discord Bot

Bump Buddy
A bot that helps your server grow, by reminding you to bump your server on Disboard!

We all want members, don't we? So it is obviously a bonus to add your server to a site like Disboard, but when you do that, you forget to bump your server all the time, loosing a couple of members every time. Invite Bump Buddy! Be reminded to bump, and gain members! Disboard.org's bot is required in order to get notified when the server can be bumped!

**Bump Channel** The channel BB will send reminders in: "bb setchannel #CHANNEL"
**Bump Role** A role that BB will ping when the bump is ready: "bb setrole @ROLE"

**Channel** See the current bump channel: "bb channel"
**Role** See the current bump role: "bb role"
**Reset** Removes all data about your server (The bot will still funktion): "bb reset"
**Help** Shows all the commands: "bb help"
**Privacy** Shows the privacy policy, required by discord: "bb privacy"
**Stats** Shows Bump Buddy's stats: "bb stats"
**Reviews** Sends a link to the server reviews: "bb reviews"
**Page** Sends a link to the servers Disboard page: "bb page"
**Meme** You know what it does: "bb meme" or "bb m"

It doesn't get any easier!