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DisMatch 18+


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DisMatch 18+ Discord Bot

A robust, global matching bot featuring preference drill-downs and custom bios, with the added benefit of anonymity till both parties are comfortable.

Elevate your Discord server to the next level with DisMatch, the ultimate tool for fostering meaningful connections and igniting the flames of excitement within your community. With DisMatch, you can transform your server into a thriving social & dating hub, offering your members a chance to find love, friendship, or just game night fun.

The beauty of DisMatch lies in its simplicity and ease of use. Installation is a breeze, requiring minimal effort from your end and minimal perms in the server. Once integrated, the single, simple, aesthetic embedding for DisMatch seamlessly blends into your server's ecosystem, becoming an indispensable part of your members' social experience.

Unlike other platforms that rely on shallow swiping and generic profiles, DisMatch empowers your members to express their true selves through custom bios and dropdown preferences. They can specify desires, creating a safe and welcoming space for those who embrace their unique sexual identities.

With DisMatch, anonymity is paramount. Your members can connect with potential matches through the bot, ensuring their privacy remains intact until they decide to reveal their true identities. This level of discretion encourages authentic connections and fosters a sense of trust within your community. DisMatch is an unequivocally LGBTQ+-friendly bot that has been purposefully designed to cater to the needs of all communities, not just the heteronormative ones.

DisMatch has something for everyone. It's the perfect way to add a touch of spice to your server and keep your members engaged and entertained.

So why wait? Install DisMatch today and watch your server transform into a vibrant hub of friendship and connection.

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Frequently asked questions

DisMatch 18+ Discord bot is in 561 Discord servers and was last bumped on our Discord server list 2 weeks ago.

To add DisMatch 18+ on Discord, click the "add this bot" button on this page. You will then be redirected to add the bot to your Discord server.

Sometimes Discord bots go offline for various reasons, if the the DisMatch 18+ bot is offline in your server you can try to join their support server.

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