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QuickByte Discord Bot


IMPORTANTLY: The bot only works if your discord display name is written in Latin

The bot uses Yandex translator, if you are writing your language and the bot has not yet used it (and if the bot has already used it, then the following actions are not gentle to do) then after installing it, write any command, for example /help, and the bot will translate it to the /help command, it will take up to 1 minute, the rest of the commands are supported in a couple of seconds 100+ languages are supported

Common commands:

/play youtube-url or title: Turns on the music in your voice channel.
/stop: Stops the song that is on in your voice channel.
/clear: Clears messages, only available to the server creator.
/topgg: Shows the top.gg page.
/creator: Shows the creator of the bot.
/support: Sends you a message in private, which if answered, the bot will reply to.
/meme: Sends you a random meme.
/roll number1 number2: Generates a random number within the specified range.
/flip: Heads or tails.
/joke: Sends you a random joke.
/news number: Shows the latest news.
/factoftheday: Fact of the day.
/birthday: Shows which user has a birthday.
/vote text: Sends text for voting and puts reactions.
/picture: Sends a random picture from the internet.
/fortune: Sends you a random user from the server.
/randomvideo request: The default request is "funny".
/radio link: Defaults radio link to calm.
/language language: You can write any language and everything will be translated.
/yt query: Sends you a link to the first video in a query search.
/advice: Bot sends random advice or wisdom.
/quiz: Starts a quiz.
/pause: Pauses the current song.
/resume: Pauses the current song.
/calculate: Calculates your example.
/color r, g, b: Changes the color of all embeds in the bot to your color.
/define word: Prints the definition for the specified word from the online dictionary. English words only.


/timestamp date, time: A timestamp that changes itself.
/help: Outputs a list of all commands in the bot.
/short link: Can shorten your link.
/weather city: Shows the weather in a given city.
/translate language text: Translates text into your chosen language.
/timer seconds: Starts a timer for the time.
/avatar user: Sends an avatar of your selected user.
/serverinfo: Displays server information such as number of users, server creator, and more.
/generate_password length: Creates a password for you.
/emoticon length: Sends you a random emoticon.


/steamprice steam login: Calculates how much the user's inventory is worth in dollars (the price is not always accurate).
/userinfo user: Shows information about the specified user.
/stats: Displays the bot's statistics.
/listemojis: Displays a list of all emoji on the server.
/mcserver ip: Displays information about the Minecraft server.
/info: Outputs information about the bot.
/steam game: Searches for the game on Steam and sends you the store page and a quick launch link.
/ping: Shows the ping of the bot.
/uptime: Shows the bot's uptime.
/owner: Sends you the profile of the server creator.
/wiki query: Searches for an article by query.

Note: Some commands may require additional parameters such as links or text.

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Frequently asked questions

QuickByte Discord bot is in 36 Discord servers and was last bumped on our Discord server list 6 months ago.

To add QuickByte on Discord, click the "add this bot" button on this page. You will then be redirected to add the bot to your Discord server.

Sometimes Discord bots go offline for various reasons, if the the QuickByte bot is offline in your server you can try to join their support server.

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