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Polls Discord Bot

Revolutionize Your Discord Polls! Quick, Simple, or Advanced - Your Choice!

# Polls

The polls are completely managed over the Context Message menu from Discord.

The bot is made by sattler.dev

Example poll image
Poll creator interface
Create poll by message (apps context menu)
Create poll by message (modal)

## How to use Polls!

You might already ask yourself why there are /poll, /quick and /simple. Let's understand the differences:

- Quick (/quick): The fastest way to create a poll. Create a poll with up to 2 answers, and the time and channel option.
- Simple (/simple): The easiest way to create a poll. Create a poll with up to 17 answers and all settings in a concise design.
- Poll (/poll): The most customizable way to create a poll. Create a poll with up to 25 answers and all settings in a user-friendly UI.

## Permissions

Which permissions do you need to create a poll?

By default you need one of the following permissions: Manage Guild, Administrator, Manage Channels, Manage Messages. However, once set up, you can also create polls by having a poll manager role.

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Frequently asked questions

Polls Discord bot is in 567 Discord servers and was last bumped on our Discord server list 3 weeks ago.

To add Polls on Discord, click the "add this bot" button on this page. You will then be redirected to add the bot to your Discord server.

Sometimes Discord bots go offline for various reasons, if the the Polls bot is offline in your server you can try to join their support server.

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