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CreatureCraft Discord Bot

Create and collect unique companions, powered by genAI. Quest, raid, and duel in endless scenarios that dynamically adapt to your creations.

### What is CreatureCraft?

CreatureCraft is a Discord bot that allows players to create and collect unique companions, powered by generative AI. Every character in the game is made by the players! Send your companions on quests in an unlimited number of scenarios, all of which are also AI-generated and dynamically incorporate your chosen characters. Collect companions, upgrade them, trade, duel other players, raid with friends, and more!

### Why add CreatureCraft to your server?

> GenAI allows for infinite imagination
Other games have well-known characters - but haven’t you ever wished for something a bit more specific, only to realize there will never be a “Pikachu as an undead golem of multiple Pikachu body parts frankensteined together”? Well how about a Squirrel with a top hat? CreatureCraft has you covered!

> A game for casuals and tryhards!
Some people want the thrill of knowing they’re the best - others just want to mess about and make some funny companions. CreatureCraft has both parties covered! Create the most absurd combinations you can think of, hunt down the original prints of all your favorite creations, upgrade them into unbeatable monsters - and become the world’s #1 Crafter of Creatures!

> Fully generated gameplay
Not only are the companions AI-generated, but so are the missions! You can send your companions on quests, challenge other players to duels, or work together to participate in raids - all of which utilize generative AI to dynamically incorporate your characters to give you an entirely unique experience each time!

> Server-specific companion pools
Different servers have different ideas of what’s fun or interesting, so each server has its own companion pool! All of your characters work in every server you play in, but drops can only reissue creations from that server, so you can shape your community the way you want it!

### Gallery
sample generate
sample character
sample quest
sample battle

### How to set up CreatureCraft

1. First, invite CreatureCraft to your server!
1. Grant the permissions that the bot asks for
2. Use CreatureCraft’s /help command in any channel
1. In the message you see from the bot, select the channel(s) you would like to enable CreatureCraft commands to work in from the drop-down menu
1. We suggest creating a dedicated #creaturecraft channel for this
2. Ensure that the bot has the discord permissions to post messages and upload files on the channel(s) you plan to use for CreatureCraft
3. Start generating!

### How to play

Use the /hub command to see your hub: this shows you a snapshot of your account, possible actions, and tutorial hints!

Use the /generate command, followed by a brief description, to create brand new companions! This command will generate three unique companions based on the prompt, and all users in that channel can attempt to claim them.

Use the /drop command to drop three random reissues of existing companions - you can do this more often than generate, so make sure to do so to build up your collection!

After any /generate or /drop, all players in the channel will have 20 seconds to try to claim a companion of their choice. Each companion will go to a random player who tried to claim it, but the generator of new companions will always get their choice.

>Burn and Upgrade
Burn unwanted companions to obtain Gold and Ash, which you can use to upgrade other companions, raising their quality and making them more effective in quests, raids, and duels.

>Quests, Raids, and Duels
Send your creations on quests to earn gold, fight together as a server to take down raids, or duel other players. Generative AI will come up with unique scenarios for all of these, dynamically adapting to incorporate the characters you use and create limitless stories!

>And more…
Those are the basics! For a full list of commands, use /help. If you want even more in-depth information about the mechanics of the game, or anything else CreatureCraft-related, check out! Happy Crafting! 🔧🧪

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Frequently asked questions

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