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Finetech Beta Discord Bot

Finetech is a modern economy bot for Discord that allows users to manage and grow their virtual wealth in a fun and interactive way.


1. Finetech is a comprehensive economy bot designed to assist servers in managing their economy and leveling system. With a wide range of customization options, including profile customization such as ranks, cards, leaderboard, and other features, Finetech allows servers to create a unique and engaging experience for their users.

2. In addition to the economy and leveling system, Finetech also offers a virtual world where users can explore different places and rooms, such as casinos, lakes, and other areas, each with a range of games to play, including arcades, slots, gambling, fishing, and more.

3. One of the unique features of Finetech is the ability to chat across different servers with posts. Users can interact with other servers by posting or chatting in custom channels set up by moderators. Moderators have access to a range of settings that allow them to customize the economy and leveling system to suit their server, including enabling and disabling options, adjusting game mechanics, and more.

4. Finetech's economy bot includes solo and multiplayer games, allowing users to bet and play just for fun. Moderators can view logs for games and statistics, including game, global, user, and server data, to keep track of everything users do with the bot.

### These are some of the available commands:

1. Basic Economy
- /arcade
- /casino
- /register
- /location
- /lottery
- /paycheck
- /statistics

- /logs
- /phone
- /restart

2. Solo Games
- /arcade rps
- /arcade coin-flip
- /arcade match-pairs
- /arcade guess-the-pokemon
- /arcade hangman
- /arcade find-emoji
- /arcade mine-sweeper
- /arcade two-zero-four-eight
- /casino slots
- /casino dice-craps
- /casino blackjack
- /arcade trivia
- /arcade snake
- /arcade guess-the-flag
- /arcade guess-the-number
- /arcade guess-the-logo
- /arcade fast-type

3. Multiplayer Games
- /arcade connect-four
- /arcade tic-tac-toe
- ft/words-fight
- ft/who-type-faster

4. Profile & Cards
- /profile show
- /profile customize
- /profile rank
- /profile post
- /profile card

5. Miscellaneous
- /finetech help
- /finetech info
- /finetech suggestion
- /finetech bug
- /finetech feedback
- ft/avatatar
- ft/privacy-policy

6. Moderation
- ft/edit-user
- ft/server-logs
- ft/prefix
- ft/language

- ft/server-settings
- ft/setup help
- ft/setup command-leveling

- ft/setup messages-leveling

- ft/setup shop

- ft/setup boosters-reward

- ft/setup level-up-message
- ft/setup community-posts
- ft/setup leveling-system

- ft/setup community-posts-channel

- ft/setup moderator-role-id
- ft/setup level-up-channel
- ft/setup boosters-channel
- ft/manage-shop





This is just the start, we will be adding more commands to this description when the bot is ready.

Overall, Finetech provides a fun and interactive experience for users, with a wide range of features and customization options to suit any server's needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Finetech Beta Discord bot is in 13 Discord servers and was last bumped on our Discord server list 1 year ago.

To add Finetech Beta on Discord, click the "add this bot" button on this page. You will then be redirected to add the bot to your Discord server.

Sometimes Discord bots go offline for various reasons, if the the Finetech Beta bot is offline in your server you can try to join their support server.

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