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MemeMan Discord Bot

## Overview

Meme Man has a fully customizable economy, allowing you to create a virtual society for your server! Members compete with each other to win the top spot on the leaderboard, and you can also add incentives such as role rewards. It's a great way to engage your server!

## Economy
### Playing the game

The economy has a few main sections:

Income - A suite of income commands such as `work` and `rob`. 8 commands in this section. Cooldowns can be changed!
Stock Market - Invest your hard earned cash in the stock market - you can buy, sell, and even short shares! GME go brrr. 8 commands in this section.
Shop and Items - Buy powerups and pets to help you along in the game. Plus, server mods can make custom items which can have role rewards! 9 commands in this section.
Gambling - Blackjack, gambling and slot machines. 3 commands in this section.
Info - Stats about you and other players, such as balance and wallet. 5 commands in this section.
Lootboxes - A reward for those special people who vote! 2 commands in this section.

### Configuration

The economy comes with default presets, but you can change these. Options include setting cooldowns and adding custom items, and more! 11 commands in this section.

## Memes

One of our most popular features! Get high-quality memes straight from reddit from a variety of subreddits, such as r/memes, r/dankmemes, r/mememan and more!
## Image Manipulation

We use a [powerful api]( to add a variety of features and filters to images, such as pixel, petpet, captcha generation and a ton more. 46 total commands.

## Welcome/Leave Messages

Welcome your members with style! You can add variables to your message such as member name and/or mention, server name and member count, and it can be in an embed.

## And more!

Meme Man is packed with extra features, such as:

Games - Play games such as the Logo Game and high low! 3 total commands.

Animals - Cute animals like red pandas and puppies! 9 total commands.

Fun - xkcd, 8ball, jokes and more! 9 total commands

Google Translate - Speaking another language is easy! 3 total commands.

Utility - Useful commands such as userinfo and server, plus poll and vote features!