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Momoka Discord Bot

momoka a bot that will make your dreams come true i have soo many unique features that you desire on your dating or lgbtq server i can also be used on any other server since i have many commands that every server wants for example a bump reminder that counts down till disboard can be bumped!

hi there i'm momoka! below ill mention all of my commands that a lot of people love incl you ;)

NOTE: move the momoka role above all the roles or put it above the member role and for it to change nicknames when executing /afk make sure the momoka role has the permissions to manage nicknames its not possible for the server creators to use this command well you can but it won't change your name since discord restricted this but for others it should work like smooth butter

unique commands
/hrt [ keep track of how long you've used hormones for ]

/closet [ keep track of how long you have been out of the closet for ]

/br [ a advanced bump reminder for disboard ] happy bumping!

/start [ create a introduction or dating profiles able to edit your profile and upload a selfie to your profile! ]

/profile [ you can search for dating profiles that others have created ]

/suggestion [ set a suggestion channel and by running this it will send any suggestion to that channel where you can reply with a check mark or a big X ]

/afk [ sets your nickname to [AFK] Yourname#0000

/help [ will tell you everything about the commands ]

fun commands

/cuddle [ cuddle with someone ]

/hug [ hug someone ]

/kiss [ kiss someone ]

/pat [ pat someone ]

/stare [ stare at someone ]

/lmao [ laugh at someone ]

/stoner [ send stoner gifs ]

/cat [ send cat gifs ]

/dog [ send dog gifs ]

/bird [ send bird gifs ]

/wave [ wave at someone ]

/welcome [ welcome someone new to the server ]

/shrug [ shrug at someone ]

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Frequently asked questions

Momoka Discord bot is in 88 Discord servers and was last bumped on our Discord server list 1 year ago.

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