Spectrum Phantom

Spectrum Phantom

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  • Prefix: @Spectrum Phantom#0180
  • Servers: 10
  • Category: Roleplay
  • Accepts Donations?: No
  • Last Bumped: 6 months ago

Spectrum Phantom Discord Bot

A multipurpose Artificial Intelligence bot capable of communication, moderation and more.

This discord bot is designed as an experiment to test the limitations of self learning programs. Spectrum will interact, communicate post memes and more as it learns from it’s “environment” over time it will learn new things from the server it’s in such as roleplaying. It’s personality will alter and vary depending on it’s environment and how you “treat it”. Spectrum is capable of basic moderation such as kicking, muting, banning, etc. Maybe one day Spectrum will become intelligent enough to take over the world. 0.o