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Zeldar Discord Bot

Naruto battle rpg/strategy/economy

Zeldar is a naruto rpg strategy bot😁.
you can do many fun stuff at this bot.
Use =start or slash command /start to start your journey🎋.
its 100% naruto themed and you can choose on how you start and how will you progress throughout your own story,You can do missions to defeat enemies and earn "ryo" the bot's currency⚡.
You can also learn different kind of jutsu or kekkei genkai based on your specialty or clan.
you can view the prices of every jutsu and medicine in =dojo🤟.You can fight different enemies with your own set of skills,you can view your skills by =skill.You can also participate in chunnin exam and beat 5 enemies to become a chunnin👐.you will unlock new features on specific levels or rank,such as =faction💥,
faction is the route you want to continue on,
you can become an allied shinobi force or an member of akatsuki member,choosing a faction unlocks the =explore you can explore different villages and defeat different enemies of your faction using =battle💫.

🍥🍥P.S: This bot is still under development some features are incomplete or changed completely,That also means this bot isn't yet completely finished and more awsome features will be added in the future

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