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  • Prefix: gssb!
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GameServerStatusBot Discord Bot

With this Bot, you can easily get the server/player status of your Nitrado game server as a message in your Discord channel. No more wasting time logging into Your Nitrado account. Let this Bot do the work for you!

Be informed without the lengthy Nitrado login process. Automagically get your server status.

This Bot will post the current status of your server directly in the channel you setup the Bot with

Security is our top priority. We only save basic details and tokens are 256-bit encrypted.

Premium Coming Soon!
We will soon be releasing a Premium version that you will be able to purchase to enhance your experience.

Here are a few features that will be included:

Get your service status immediately on demand. Get the info when you need it.

Set your own interval checks (15 min minimum). Set the Bot to run sooner or later, your choice.

Have the Bot automagically ban users from the server if banned on your discord.

Set a criteria to have the Bot automagically whitelist players on your server

and more to come!...

---| Installation |---
Get started easily by running `gssb!setup`

---| Support |---
If you have any issues at all, PLEASE join the support discord at
The only way we can capture bugs and fix them is with your help!