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Huggy Wuggy Discord Bot

Huggy Wuggy has several moderation commands, it may be few for some but over time I will add more commands and security and moderation systems

Here is a list of the commands:

- Ban
- Clear
- Kick
- Lock
- Remove-timeout
- Setnick
- Slowmode
- Timeout
- Unban
- Unlock
- Userinfo
- More coming soon...

It also has some extra commands that are important for Huggy Wuggy setup, some others are utilities:

- Lang
- Logs
- Prefix
- Donation
- Help
- Infobot
- Ping

If you want to know details of the commands use "!help"

Soon Huggy Wuggy will have an anti-spam and anti-raid system
Soon I will be working on a music bot: Bunzo Bunny

Thanks for using Huggy Wuggy! :D