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TechnoBot Discord Bot

TechnoBot is the ultimate, multi-purpose, open-source bot to make your Discord server the best on the planet! Features over 70 commands across 9 highly configurable modules. All features come free, nothing is locked behind a paywall!

Increased you server engagement with these systems:
- Guild economy system
- Guild leveling and reward system
- Dynamic leaderboards for competition
- Fully customizable rank cards
- Advanced music system
- Moderation suite with essential staff commands
- Starboard to highlight community images
- Suggestion board
- Games, animal pictures, reddit integration, etc
- Lots of fun/utility commands and memes
- So much more!

Highly Configurable:
- Every module comes with commands to fully customize it to your liking. You can easily edit level-up messages, starboard requirements, currency symbols, and more! Make your server seem unique and exciting by customizing anything!

Web Dashboard:
- Coming Soon! Access the web dashboard in Q4 2022 to control and configure TechnoBot quickly.
Check out TechnoBot today and support a new discord bot finding it’s way in this world!