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Akko Discord Bot

Akko is a bot focused on moderation that aims to make management of your community easier.
Easily manage your community with manual and automatic moderation features, which include but are not limited to:

- Moderation
- Kick, ban, or mute users (temporarily or permanently)
- Modroles to allow users to assign specific roles to other users without the need of giving them server permission to manage roles.
- Issue infractions to misbehaving users and automatically punish them when they hit a certain threshold.
- Lock and unlock text channels with ease
- Delete messages in bulk
- Gatekeeping
- Create greet and farewell messages for when users join and leave your server
- Anti-alt filter (keep alt accounts out of your server)
- Anti-hoisting (prevent users from changing their nickname just to display themselves at the top of the user list)
- Filtering
- Invite filter (automatically deletes any message that contains a server invite)
- Word filter (automatically deletes any message that contains blacklisted words)
- Content filter (create channels that only accept messages with pictures, URLs, attachments, invites, or stickers in any combination you want)
- Utilities
- Create polls for your community to vote on
- Create reminders for yourself or your community
- Create tags for your community to use (predefined messages that are triggered by specific keywords)
- Create voice roles (roles that are automatically assigned to users when they join a voice channel)
- Commands to quickly interface with Discord (so you don't have to access Discord's UI to do stuff)

Check the command list here: https://github.com/Akko-Bot/AkkoBot/wiki/Command-List