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Jeanne Discord Bot

Jeanne is a multipurpose bot with miscellaneous, moderation, management, information, image, weather and fun commands.

• Available slash commands
• Levelling system
• Moderation such as purge, warn, mute, kick, ban and unban
• Create, delete and rename categories, roles and text and voice channels
• Fun commands you can play with
• Getting information of a user and server
• A say command that will make Jeanne say the message the user wants
• A reaction system such as slap, hug, pat and feed
• Welcoming, leaving and modlogging system

• Implementing a currency system
• Changing role colour
• Changing the server’s name and profile picture
• Editing channel topics
• Adding a softban command that will have the user to be banned for a specific amount of time
• Adding more error messages in case of missing permissions, if a command has been committed poorly and Discord hierarchy rules