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  • Prefix: /
  • Servers: 3,820
  • Category: Utility
  • Accepts Donations?: Yes
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Erza Discord Bot

A simple bot that manages temporary role for your server.

The default prefix for this bot is /.

👾 Commandos

/reminder - Set a temporary reminder.
/poll - Take polls on your server.
/timerole - Set a temporary role for a member.
/removerole - Remove a temporary role.
/ping - Check the bot's ping.
/language - Change the default language of bot.
/avatar - See people's avatar.
/redeem - Redeem a premium key.
/invite - Invite TimeBot to your server.


Bot uses powerful discord.js module to quickly perform temporary role tasks on your server with easy to use behavior.
Bot is hosted 24/7 to facilitate its members.

If the bot goes offline for any reason and then comes back online, roles will still be removed or reminders will still be delivered if the time is up, this will all continue to work.