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Light Discord Bot

Light is a extensive modular Discord bot made for Discord Communities.
See if Light is a right fit for you.

Light has many different utility features that help you do more, and that just make sense. For example, get the total messages in your server with insightful statistics.

Built-in Moderation
Light has powerful built-in moderation commands right out of the box. It makes the job of moderating a server more streamlined. Automatic case numbers, Logs, Ban, Kick, Mute, Hackban, Softban commands, Light has it all.

In short yes. Example: Slap a user while having your whole community debate who has the best picture in Doodle Crew.

Full Economy:
Light has a global economy with many ways of competing to be on the top of the leaderboard. (and win bragging rights)

Image Commands:
Light is packed with many image manipulation commands. Ever wanted to make your friend's profile picture look like a mess? Look no further.