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BullyMe Discord Bot

# BullyMe

BullyMe is a fun and intelligent Discord Chatbot that is meant to be bullied by users like you. As you insult and bully the bot, you will not only get the satisfaction of bullying artificial intelligence but gain XP! You can use this XP to customize your experience with BullyMe and compete with other users across Discord.

## Instructions

There are two ways you can set up BullyMe with your server. Both are simple, quick, and require the `Manage Channels` permission.

### The Set Channel Command

In your desired channel, run the `%setchannel` command. This will set the channel as a chat channel, and any messages sent in it will be responded to.

### Creating a BullyMe Channel
Create a Channel named `bullyme` and make sure the bot is able to read and send messages. Any messages sent in the new channel will be responded to.

## User Profiles

Each user has a profile in BullyMe. They can view their current level and number of XP. The command to view your profile is `%profile`.

You will be alerted when you level up, and your XP will go down to zero.

## Bully Commands
Apart from the Chatbot feature, BullyMe also contains several commands such as `punch`, `shove`, and `roast`. These commands can be used to gain a lot of extra XP and are available in any channel the bot has permissions in.

## Important Links

* [Invite BullyMe](https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=926262398854250526&permissions=274877991936&scope=bot%20applications.commands)
* [BullyMe Support Server](https://discord.gg/sgagfqGRSh)

Have fun chatting!