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  • Prefix: + (customizable)
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  • Category: Moderation
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Hevo Discord Bot

Hevo is a multipurpose Discord bot that was designed to make your Discord life easier and cooler.
• Features

πŸ“Œ Over 200+ commands!
πŸ”Ό 100% uptime.
🟒 Low latency, super fast response time.
πŸ’» Web dashboard! (work in progress)
πŸ› οΈ Custom Commands.
✨ Level up system, with leveling roles.
🏷️ Reaction Roles!
πŸ“ YouTube and Twitch notifications!
πŸ“¨ Autoposting (automeme, autowaifu, etc...)
🎢 Extremely high quality Music playback (Maintenance).
🌍 Global chat.
🎊 Welcome and Leave messages, Autorole.
πŸ”¨ Powerful moderation, with automod, antihoisting and modlogs.
🌟 Customizable Starboard.
☺️ Lots and lots of fun commands and image commands.
πŸŽ€ Regularly updated and maintained.