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  • Category: Moderation
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Lockdown Discord Bot

This bot is mainly for emergency purposes likes raids.
It has commands like lock, unlock for your text channels.
If your main moderation bot is offline, this comes in handy with a 24/7 host and 99.9% uptime and it has moderation commands ready for use!
This is because popular bots like Dyno and MEE6 usually are falling offline sometimes.
It also has an embedded service, and improved response time + ping.
The bot updates almost everyday depending on priorities and feedback.
Moderation: ['ban', 'kick', 'unban', 'vcban', 'mute', 'unmute', 'warn', 'warnings', 'slowmode', 'purge']
Utility: ['ping', 'report', 'membercount', 'prefix', 'credits']
Main: ['lock', 'unlock']

Note: We only handle bug reports with the `report` command.