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Ark Discord Bot

Ark is a fortnite utility bot, with various commands ranging from basic stats to aes key's for leakers.

List of current commands:

/help - Shows help menu with these commands & more info
/fnstats (username) - Display's stats for any Fortnite player
/search (cosmetic) - Returns information about specified cosmetic
/search_id (cosmetic id) - Returns information about specified cosmetic
/status - Gets the current status of all API's used by Ark
/shop - Gets current FNBR Shop
/error - Returns all known errors and fixes for them
/news - Gets current FNBR News
/aes - Returns latest AES Keys for latest game version
/cc (username) - Get information about a persons support a creator code
/info - Returns bots ping, server count & member count
/map - Displays current FNBR island
/add - sends message to add bot to server