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Phish Grabber Discord Bot

Simple to setup using slash commands.
Bot operates using 3 different APIs to mitigate known/unknown links.

Server owners are also able to block any kind of websites based on their preference which may not be phishing/virus/trojan links.

Besides utilizing APIs that block known domains, this feature deletes a domain depending on the content inside of the website, rather than blacklisting a specific URL.
The feature can be useful for example blocking some youtube links that specifically have video titles such as: "free discord nitro", "get free steam games" "how to become rich with mining".


/contentscan add-keywords keywords:

/contentscan list-keywords

/contentscan remove-keywords keywords:

/ignorechannel add-channel channel:

/ignorechannel list-channels

/ignorechannel remove-channel channel:

/ignorerole add-role role:

/ignorerole list-roles

/ignorerole remove-role role:

/logchannel set-channel channel:

/logchannel show-channel

/blacklist add-domain domain:

/blacklist add-url url:

/whitelist add-domain domain:

/whitelist add-url url:

/whitelist list-domains

/whitelist remove-domain domain:

/youtube add-keywords keywords:

/youtube list-keywords

/youtube remove-keywords keywords:


Custom flagging feature

Commands that are custom flagging:

/youtube add-keywords keywords:
/contentscan add-keywords keywords: //Scans any kind of domains/links

If executing this command with `orange, apple, banana`, this will count as 1 phrase!

The bot will use these 3 separate words and try match against the html content from a domain.
It doesn't matter which order these words are posted. As long as the html content contains all of these 3 words, the bot will flag that domain and sanction the user accordingly.

You can configure additional phrase such as `gold, red, yellow, pink, purple` which means the bot will then scan websites content for any of these phrases.

Note that the bot will not flag the website if the content does not contain all words from the same phrase. Example if the html content contains these words only:

Phrase 1 `gold, red`
Phrase 2 `apple`

Then the bot will not flag the url.
It must contain all words from the specific phrases to flag a domain.

Distinction between Domain and URL

As you have noticed on blacklist and whitelist commands, theres options of adding Domain or URL values.
URL: means you can you blacklist a specific url such as a youtube video and it wont blacklist youtube domain at all
Domain: Means it will ban the domain itself, so no matter the what type of url string it contains, the bot will flag it.