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DamnX Bot Discord Bot

This is DamnX bot . The most beautiful bot on discord with a tons of commands .

• Here are the list of some commands:-

- Moderation Cmds (kick, ban, mute,unmute,tempmute,purge,snipe ,etc.)

- Utility Cmds (Calculator, announce, anime search, enlarge emoji, google,etc)

- Games Cmds (fast type, fight, gun fight, guessthepokemon,tiktactoe,etc)

- Fun Cmds (clap,kiss,kill,hack,hug,joke, respect, slap, urban,roast etc)

- Discord Activities Cmds (YouTube Together,chess poker,awkward,etc)

- Welcome Cmds (autorole,antilink,join Channel, join message,leave channel,leave message,etc)

- Music Cmds (Play, pause, move, mute, filters,volume,etc)

`> Some other features are:-

> It support slash command
> it has drop down help menu
> Custom Prefix
> User friendly bot
> It has a lot of commands
> It has button to control songs
and many more.`