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AULNER Discord Bot

Send new free games from epic games, games info, self assignable roles, server managements, welcome messages, auto roles, moderation, administration commands, notes, voting, custom roles, and more.
$addcustom - Adds a role to the server, thanks to which, user with this role will be able to create a custom role
$autobotrole/$abr <role> - When a bot is added, he will be assigned this role
$autorole/$ar <role> - When somebody joins, he will be assigned this role
$createchnl/$crtc <name> - Creates text channel
$createvoicechnl/$crtv <name> - Creates voice channel
$delchnl/$dlc <channel> - Removes text channel
$delvoicechnl/$dlv <name> - Removes voice channel
$editchnlname/$edc <name> - Edits channel name
$rmcustom - Deletes custom eligible role
$rmwelcome - Removes welcome and bye channel
$setprefix <prefix> - Sets a prefix
$setwelcome <channel> - Sets welcome and bye channel

$coin - Flips a coin
$number <min> <max> - Gets a random number
$rps <user> - Rock paper scissors
$say <text> - Makes the bot say something
$trolling - Makes the bot do a little trolling

$avatar/$av <user> - Shows someone avatar
$invite - Add bot to your server!
$prefix - Shows bot prefix
$privacy - Aulner's Privacy Policy
$whois <user> - Shows information about user

$calculate/$c <expression> - Calculate mathematical expression
$convert <amount> <from> <to> - Converts currency custom amount to convert example: $convert 5 usd pln
$cos <angle> - Returns the cosine of the specified angle
$sin <angle> - Returns the sine of the specified angle
$tg <angle> - Returns the tangent of the specified angle

$anime <anime> - Searches an anime
$covid <country> - Covid-19 information for country
$urbandictionary/$ud <words> - Word definition from urbandictionary

$ban <user> - Bans the specified user
$ban <user> <duration> - Bans the specified user
$kick <user> - Kicks the specified user
$mute <user> - Mutes somebody
$mute <user> <duration> - Mutes somebody
$purge/$p <number> - Deletes multiple messages
$unmute <user> - unmutes somebody

$addrole <user> <role> - Adds a role to an user
$copyroles - Copies all roles to paste on another server later
$createrole/$cr <name> - Creates new pingable role
$pasteroles - Pastes roles which you copied
$rmrole <user> <role> - Removes a role from an user
$rolehoist/$rh <role> - Toggles whether role will be displayed in the sidebar or it won't
$selfroles <@role @role1 @role2> - This command allows admins to create list with self assignable roles and users to assign themselves roles

$addnote/$an <notetext> - Makes a note
$delnote/$dn <noteid> - Deletes a note
$notes/$n - Shows all your notes
$remind/$r <duration> <text> - Reminds about something
$usecustom <name> <hexcolor(optional)> - Create a custom role when you have custom role eligible. If you want to have more than one word role name use "" when declaring name, example: `$usecustom "joe mama" #9d9880`

Video Games
$dungeon <dungeon> - Dungeon paths in guild wars 2
$epic - Shows epic free games
$epicrole <role> - Sets epic role which will be ping when there is going to be new free games from epic games store
$game <game> - Searches a cheapest price for a game and also show information and metacritic score
$rmepic - Removes channel from sending new free games from epic games store
$rmepicrole - Removes epic role
$setepic <channel> - Sets up channel where new free games will be sent from epic games store

$poll <question/answer1/answer2/answer3 etc.> - Creates poll, separate with / question and poll answers
$pollping <question/answer1/answer2/answer3 etc.> - Create poll with pinging a role, separate with / question and poll answers
$pollrole/$pr <mentionrole> - Choose role which will be pinged when poll with timer is created
$polltimer/$pt <duration> <question/answer1/answer2/answer3 etc.> - Creates poll with timer, first input how long poll should last, and separate with / question and poll answers example `$pt 24h question/yes/no`