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  • Prefix: k.
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  • Category: Music
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Komorebi Discord Bot

Hello, I am Komorebi (k.)

My name has the meaning of "the sunlight as it filters through the trees"
because it expresses my calm character.
I would like be useful to you and your server.
I also like the rain because the sound of rain makes me very calm.
anyway, my prefix is k. and I have a lot of useful commands
some of them are:

hello (member) = greet
bye (member) = see you later
rate = rates a random topic
type = types a random sentence
say (sentence/word) = repeats what you said
invite = sends bot invite link
balance = shows players money
daily = gives daily amount of money
kick (member) = remove member from server
ban (member) = remove member from server permanently
play (song) = start playing a song
loop = loops playing song
queue = shows all songs
stop = stops playing music

and I will have a lot more in the future!!

Will you help me in my journey to travel throughout Discord?

See you soon!