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NisBit Discord Bot

NisBit is a multi-purpose functional bot with many features. It’s a good 4FUN BOT with polls, weather and even a working Discord calculator!

You are searching for a meme bot? NisBit is a perfect choice!


What can it do?

It can tell you a joke, a cool fact and give you a funny meme! But that’s not everything. You can make your OWN memes with it with just one command! Play Truth Or Dare, check some cool cars and solve your math problems on a virtual calculator!


Command List:

joke, text-to-image, meme, stonks, gayify, gun, weather, rip, eject, tweet, cars, hack, comment, howgay, howfat, truthordare, scooby, tribute, burn, trash, captcha

calculator, poll, bot-status, avatar

kick, ban, unban, mute, unmute, clear (purge, delete)