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  • Prefix: $ (Customizable)
  • Servers: 133
  • Category: Moderation
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MatriX Discord Bot

MatriX (Verified Discord Bot)

➤ It is a multi-purpose discord bot.
➤ It is owned by Ryan Taylor & Zeus.
➤ Mention the bot to know it's prefix.
➤ It's default prefix is $ but you can customize it as per your needs.
➤ There are many features like moderation, fun, games, utilities, music, etc.
➤ Under the moderation group, it has commands like ban member, kick member, clear messages, etc.
➤ In the music group, it has all sort of commands necessary to present in a basic music bot. The plus point of our bot is it has high quality sound with very less audio distortion.
➤ Now regarding utilities, we have trivia utilities like question alerts, game alerts and pre-built accuracy commands.
➤ Many more will be added in future. It is still under development.
➤ We will try to make it more useful and user-friendly.
➤ You can join our support server.
➤ Your suggestions and requested will be considered by our team.

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