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Hydrargyrum Discord Bot

Hydrargyrum is a bot that brings some great perks to YOUR Discord server and is around just to make you feel happy using it!

We provide:-
- An amazing Economy System! Steal from people, spin the slot machine, work for your job and get paid, buy and sell items and much more!
- An absolutely flawless Levelling system! Check YOUR status in the server by using the Levelling commands offered by our bot! You can check your rank beautifully compiled into a card and also look at the people with the most XP in your server and is easily customisable!
- This bot is literally so smart! It can answer ANY of YOUR questions! Powered by AI-Technology!
- A Smart Chat-Bot with which you can chat all day long!
- This bot also provides great moderation features to your server! You can mute, unmute, kick, ban and unban members! More to come ♥
- An extravagant Utility system where you can extract the information of other users on the server and get to know more about them! Is this bot's prefix interfering with the prefix of another bot? No worries, we've got you :)
- By using the Fun commands category you can kill a person instantly, put him on the run! This category also covers some motivational quotes and facts!

Don't worry, the options available in this bot is unlimited!
So...What are you waiting for! Invite our bot NOW to YOUR server!