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  • Prefix: Slash Commands
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Evie✨ Discord Bot

# Evie Bot

## Moderation
- Using the [Dashboard](https://dash.eviebot.rocks/) set banned words and/or use our default list of banned words to protect your Discord server.
- Welcome new people that join your Discord server and set a custom message in the [Dashboard](https://dash.eviebot.rocks/)
- Change the colour Evie uses for every embed in your server on the [Dashboard](https://dash.eviebot.rocks/)
## Utilities
- Google the internet with `/google <thing you want to search for>`
- If you ping @Evie✨#1625 she will now respond with a message on how to use her commands!
- Need help with any commands `/help`
## $EVIE
- See how much $EVIE you have with `/bal`
- Vote for a free 10k $EVIE `/vote`
- Beg for money with `/beg`
- Check who has the most $EVIE `/leaderboard`
- `/inventory` to check your inventory out!
- Baking! Buy an oven in the `/shop` then use `/buy <itemid>` and
finally start baking those muffins with `/bake muffin` You can also
sell those muffins for money `/sell <itemid>` (if you ever want to
know an item id do `/shop` to see a list of the item ids!)
## Music
- Play music from Soundcloud with `/play` and `/stop` for all servers with Evie! (skipping and other commands coming soon!)
## Minecraft
- Check your Minecraft player stats on `tristansmp.com` with `/playerstats <username>`
- See stats on any Minecraft server with `/serverstats <server ip>`