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  • Prefix: c!, @counter
  • Servers: 17
  • Category: Utility
  • Accepts Donations?: Yes
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Counter Discord Bot

## Counter
To get started with the bot, do `c!setup`

#### Why should I use this bot?
Counter has a feature that stands out amongst all the other counting bots. When you count in a channel you gain points which then can be used to purchase unique fonts.

The bot is very flexible allows you to count up and down by any set amount you wish.

Counter has game modes such as "Tug of war". (Comming soon)

#### Commands
╰Get system and general information on the bot.
╰Buy fonts from the shop.
╰Change the bot's prefix for this server.
╰Check your count and the fonts you own.
╰Equip one of your fonts.
╰Get an invite for the bot, support server, and various other links.
╰Get various latencies for the bot.
╰Get the bot's prefix for this server.
╰Setup a channel to be used for counting.
╰See whats in the store to buy with your points.
╰Get the links to vote for Counter in exchange for cool rewards!