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Unfunny Meme Bot Discord Bot

This bot makes making, editing and sharing memes in the discord enviroment and from the discord enviroment easy.

Unfunny Meme Bot can use, as the base image of a meme, basically anything:

- An image attached to your message or to a replied one
- A replied text message, making a screenshot-like image
- A user's avatar, taking the message author's one if no one is tagged


-ImpactMeme gives the base image with a bottom text and an upper text with the classic Impact meme font

$ImpactMeme <@OptionalUserTag>
<Upper text>
<Bottom text>

-MotivationalMeme gives the base image with the classic motivational meme style

$MotivationalMeme @OptionalUserTag
<Upper text>
<Bottom text>

-MusicMeme gives a five seconds video with only static image being the base image and the music being the chosen song ID

$MusicMeme <Song ID>

-ChangePrefix if used by the server admins changes the bot's prefix (it gets also shown in the bot's name)

$ChangePrefix <prefix>

-Help gives general instructions on the bot (if used alone) or, if given a command name, specific instructions about the command

$help <optional command name>

-Info gives general info about the bot