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LoveBot Discord Bot


LoveBot is the perfect bot for love in discord. Regardless of whether you want serious love or just for fun. Add it to your server and get all the legendary features!

?loverate [user1] [user2] - Rate the love between [user1] and [user2]
?match [user] - Find a perfect match for [user], no [user] = command sender
?marry [user] - Send a marrage request to [user]
?accept [user] - Accept a marrage request
?deny [user] - Deny a marrage request
?info [user] - Get [user]'s relationship status, no [user] = command sender
?divorce [user] - Divorce from [user]
?remove - Remove your pending marrage

Slash commands

LoveBot is compatible with slash commands. All you have to do is type slash "/" to bring up a list of all the commands you can do.