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Velocity Discord Bot


- **Getting Started**

__It's very easy to play music by using Velocity, Just follow these steps:__

Invite me to your server Click here

Join a voice channel and type -play <url | name>. Bot will join your voice channel and started playing music.

Now type -help To see all Commands.

- **Advanced Music Command**

__I have bunch of music commands, you can Play, Disconnect, Loop, Loop Queue, Lyrics, Move, NowPlaying, Grab, Pause, Queue etc. Such as:__

-disconnect to disconnect the bot.

-skip will skip the current track.

-skipto will skip to a song in the queue.

-pause will pause the current track.

-resume will resume the current track, if it is paused.

-shuffle will shuffle the queue, if the queue has more than one song queued.

-loop will turn repeat for track.

-loopqueue will turn repeat for queue.

- **Music Information Command**

__These are the commands which gives you information about the player of the server.__

-search will shows a result of songs based on the search query.

-lyrics will shows the lyrics of the song searched.

-clear will clears the server queue.

-grab to saves the current song to your Direct Messages.

-queue to check which songs are in queue.

-seek will seek to a position in the song.

-remove will remove a song from the queue.

-volume will check or change the current volume.

-nowplaying to check information about current track.

-youtube to Starts a YouTube Together session.

- **Filters Command**

__Bot's Filters related command are in this category.__

-bassboost will add bassboost filter in tracks.

- **Config Command**

__Bot's and server related command are in this category.__

+config this will change the prefix and setup Dj Role for your server.

The bot always stay 24/7 in voice channel.

- **Utility Command**

__These are some basic commands.__

-help to get more and detailed information about commands.

-invite this will give you invite link for the bot and other link(s).

-ping gives you all the bot's latency.

-stats gives you bot's stats.

**Found any bug ? or want more help; We will provide Support Server Soon..**