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Cookie Discord Bot

Cookie is yet again a multi utility bot, but the difference between other bots and Cookie is that Cookie offers a wide range of commands and features that others bot may not have. This is a wide range of:

🛡️Advanced Moderation
> .clear after [MessageID]

> .addadmin @Role

> .ban @User1 @User2 Reason

🤣Funny Commands

> .emoji This text in emoji now.

> .ship @Date @Me

> .pp @User

🗒️Informational Commands

> .userinfo @User

> .serverinfo

> .ping

💋Interactions/NSFW (Anime and Furry)

> .akiss @Lover

> .cuddle @Friend

> .afuck @Crush

⛓️BDSM Commands

> .gag hard @User

> .gag puppy @User

> .ungag @User

So what are you waiting for? You can always invite Cookie, test it, and if you don't like it you have the option of simply removing it. Though, I'm sure you will have much fun with Cookie.