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  • Prefix: p!
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  • Category: Utility
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Pasty Discord Bot

A multi purpose bot with different commands
General This is a multi purpose bot

Pasty can help you administer your server(s), as well as having fun with your members

Including : Moderation , music, economy,games,utility and math commands

Commands: General commands include Snipe,Afk,Invite,Ping,Emojify,Nitro,Vote, Globalchatstart,Globalchatstop

Moderation commands include ban,kick,mute,unmute and unban

Music commands include join,play,pause,leave,loop,queue,resume,remove

Economy commands include Withdraw,Deposit,Work,Search,Bal,Beg,Leaderboard,Slots, Rob,Shop,Buy,Sell and more to come

Utility commands include Makeembed,Purge,Slowmode,Addrole,Removerole,Setnick, Lockdown,Unlock,Createchannel,Deletechannel, Deletevoicechannel,Createrole

Fun and Games commands include Random Name,Truth or Dare,Kill,8ball,TicTacToe, Coinflip,Meme,HowHot,Gayrate

Info commands include Avatar,Serverinfo,Userinfo,Membercount

Math commands include Add,Sub,Div,Mul and more to come

Roleplay commands include Kiss,Hug,Cry,Slap

The amount of commands i have is 72 currently More will be made dont worry :3

If you have any problems just contact me KZ#7843 Anyways stay safe wear your mask and i’ll see you next time Invite pasty to your server, lets see what he can do for you 😄