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Raygon Discord Bot

dependencies, modules, servers, stats, uptime

djs, help, invite, links, ping, serverstats, vote, privacy

shell, control, eval, usage

・Guessing Games
find-words, guess-number, lovecalc

・Birthday Commands
set-birthday, check-birthday

・Anti Bad Words
anti-alt, antilink, autonick, auto-official-role, auto-official-role-disable, autorole, role-all

afk, animesearch, ascii, baka, beep, dumb, calc, cattext, dice, eightball, flipcoin, fliptext, hack, iq, joke, kill, messages, poke, poll, ratewaifu, rps, sneeze, waifu, youtube, zalgo

・Information Of People

set-bio, bio-reset, check-bio

・Custom Commands
cc-create, cc-delete, cc-list


addmoney, balance, beg, bet, buy, daily, deposit, monthly, pay, profile, roulette, weekly, withdraw, work

logs-ticket, set-logs,remove-logs

edit, list, end, reroll, start,create, cancel

24/7, bassboost, dc, connect, lyrics, np, pause, play, queue, resume, shuffle, skip, stop, volume

suggest, bug-report

leave, set-welcome, set-leave, welcome

add, close, delete, new, open, remove, setup

reaction-role, reaction-role-remove

csgo, poke,slots,tictactoe

3000yr, approved, batslap, beautiful, brazzers, burn, cat, challenger, cuddle, dict, distort, dog, ddungeon, facechange, fire, flatearth, foxgirl, gay, hug, kiss, love, magik, meme, qrcode, randomav, rip, scary, slap, triggered, tickle, tweet, vs, wanted

announce, ban, color, hide, kick, lock, maintainence, nuke, prune, purge, say, sendembed, serverlock, serverunlock, set, slowmode, stealemoji, unban, unhide, unlock, vcid, voicedeafen, voicekick, voicemove, voicemute, voiceundeaf, voiceunmute, warn, warns

remove-channel, set-channel

avatar, covid, id, members, roleid, github, servericon, serverinfo, time, info, weather