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Should I?

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Should I? Discord Bot


`Should I Get This Bot?`
"Yes, you should!" ~ Should I?

`Why Should I Get This Bot?`
"You should get this bot if you are also tired of people asking you if they should or should not do something. "Should I?" will automatically take care of it! ~ That's what "Should I?" would probably say!

« "Should I?", is a surprisingly smart and single-purpose AI that answers all questions whether you should or should not do them automatically! Should you get this bot? Yes, you should! »


`Should I?`
"No!" ~ Should I?

`Should I eat pizza?`
"Yes, you should!" ~ Should I?

`Should I do that?`
"No, you should not!" ~ Should I?

`Should I fart?`
"Yes!" ~ Should I?