Banny boi.

Banny boi.

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  • Prefix: !
  • Servers: 10
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Banny boi. Discord Bot

This bot is for running last man standing type things with bans :D

The main purpose of it is `!ban` (which is actually just a kick cos unbanning many people is annoying) but owner of the server type `!start` and `!end` to start and end rounds. While a round is active anyone can use `!ban` on anyone unless they have a role called `safe`(can be made using `!create`) in which case they can't be banned(kicked). Also upon a round starting no new people may join the server and they will be instantly kicked until the round is over. Commands currently are: `!create`(server owner only) , `!start`(server owner only) , `!end`(server owner only) , and `!test`(cos yea). Once a round has started you will have 10 mins before the bot auto ends the round (dm me if you need longer for something). Can be ended early using `!end`. Note if the bot is down feel free to ping me and I'll try to get it back up asap.