Banny boi.

Banny boi.

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Banny boi. Discord Bot

This bot is for running last man standing type things with bans :D

The main purpose of it is `!ban` (which is actually just a kick cos unbanning many people is annoying) any admins of the server can run `!start` and `!end` to start and end rounds. While a round is active anyone can use `!ban` on anyone unless they have a role called `safe`(can be made using `!create`) in which case they can't be banned. Also upon a round starting no new people may join the server and they will be instantly kicked until the round is over. Once a round has started you will be told how much time you have before the bot auto ends the round (ask me on the support server if you need longer for something). Can be ended early using `!end`. Note if the bot is down feel free to ping me and I'll try to get it back up asap.