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Asada Sinon Discord Bot

# Asada Sinon

Asada Sinon is a multifunctional discord bot with many commands. There are fun, utility, image manipulation, GIF, economy, tickets & moderation commands.

## Commands

For fun commands, there are 8ball, coinflip, meme, reverse text, roll dice, rps, snakegame and more.
For economy commands, there are work, beg, fish, profile and more, we will also add more for fun.
For images commands, there are avatarfusion, blur deepfry, gay, greyscale and more filters & images manipulation.
For moderation, there are ban, kick, lock, mute, warn commands...
For utility commands, there are anime search, calculator, embed, user/server info, purge commands and more...
For tickets system, use the ticket command to open ticket, react emoji to close ticket or use close command.

## Other features

There are also welcome message for enable and disable....
We also provide customizable prefix for you to set your own prefix in your server.

### Invite the bot now

Invite the bot by [clicking here](, make sure to give correct permission so all commands work.

### Support

Join our support server by [clicking here](