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Analytics Bot Discord Bot

### Introduction
Hi! My name is Analytics Bot, my job is to give you an insight into how active members are on your server. I have simple commands to allow you to see how active people are on your server and where they post to the most!

Easy to understand UI with insightful statistics

Bot will start watching the moment you connect it to your server!

### Commands:
- !help - gives you some help with the commands of the bot

- !user <tag user> - will give show you statistics about a user, if you haven’t tagged anyone it’ll show you your stats!

- !channel <tag channel> - will show you the top 10 posters in a channel in the last 14 days. If no channel is tagged stats will be shown for the current channel the command was run in

- !messages - will show the top 10 posters in the last 14 days

- !voice - will show the top 10 people in voice chat in the last 14 days

- !register <tag channel> - will allow you to register a channel so that you can run !user, !messages, !voice and !channel. You can only run this command if you have ban permissions, this is to stop any user running this command. Tag is optional, if no channel tagged then it will register the channel that the command was run in

### Please note
**Message content is not logged, only the user id, guild id and the timestamp**

**The bot cannot look back at previous posts, so statistics will only be accurate as of the time that the bot was added to this server**

**Default look back time is 14 days, this will be editable in the future**