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Flames Discord Bot

Flames is about you. It's about the community. It's about spreading positivity.

Introducing Flames: Light up your Discord experience.

Flames uses Google's sentiment analysis API to know what's actually going on. It picks up on how your feeling, and uses that information in a variety of ways.

Compare your Flames Score, a measure of positivity, to the rest of the community through the ranking system. Can you reach the Platinum Summit?

Flames knows what Today is all about. The Today function features the most important highlights of the day, like what the overall mood is and what everyone is talking about. Say something impactful, and you may be selected as the quote of the day.

Flames uses an RPG-like levelling system to give you that satisfaction only progress can give you. Your level determines how your score changes through a familiar set of stats, like resistance and power.

Flames can tell you what your best and worst day ever where, bringing back the memories that are important to you.

Flames is ready to light up your server. The only question left is are you ready for it?