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Frink Discord Bot

About Frink
Frink is a reputation and username history Discord bot making your server a better place for all members. Using this bot will help you outsmart scammers and fraudulent users by seeing their approved community rating and their Discord username history.

Besides the commands you can also check a user's profile on the website at any time.


/rep @user [+1|-1] comment
- Rate the trust of a user by adding a comment to their page.

Example: /rep @Janic#0474 +1 A true master in trading!

/whois @user
- Displays the community trust ranking, name history and detailed information about the specified user

/name-history @user
- Shows the full username history of user, including the date of the changes

- Shows the top 5 people with the most reputation.

- Displays all commands and their functions, in case you get lost.