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Gametivity Discord Bot

## Hi I am Gametivity bot!
I'm a bot for voice channel activities that include YouTube together chess and more! And also for chat games like the Pokemon Akintor and lots more! So what are you waiting for? Invite me and start playing! And also go into the bot support server we are trying to create a big and good community!

These are my commands and the games↓↓

## To get help type //help
## To invite me type //links
All my voice channels games:
- youtube
- youtubedev
- wordsnack
- lettertile
- doodlecrew
- betrayal
- fishing
- poker
- chess
- chessdev

All my chat games:
- 8ball
- akinator
- snack
- fast type
- rps
- guess number
- hack
- pokeguess
- Tic Tac Toe (soon)

## Hope you add it to your server and enjoy it!