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Verse Discord Bot

High quality Discord music bot with free volume control and much more.

This Bot Support Only Youtuber and Soundcloud. Spotify is currently not Available

Bot Commands

Help - (>help, >h)
Bot Invite - (>invite, >inv)
Now Playing - (>np)
Queue system - (>queue, >q)
Loop / Repeat - (>loop)
Shuffle - (>shuffle)
Volume control - (>volume, >v)
Lyrics - (>lyrics, >ly)
Pause - (>pause)
Resume - (>resume, >r)
Skip - (>skip, >s)
Skip to song # in queue - (>skipto, >st)
Move a song in the queue - (>move, >mv)
Remove song # from queue - (>remove, >rm)
Play an mp3 clip - (>clip song.mp3) (put the file in sounds folder)
List all clips - (>clips)
Show ping to Discord API - (>ping)
Show bot uptime - (>uptime , >u)
Toggle pruning of bot messages - (>pruning)