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  • Prefix: c!
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  • Category: Music
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Renos Discord Bot


Renos is a premium Discord music-bot that will always keep it's features free, because let's be real... imagine paying for a discord bot

Renos is a 24/7 music bot that will soon do more than music like, moderation, fun, server managing, and etc!

If you need more information about our bot please join our Support Discord server, or use c!help


c!play - plays any video on Youtube
c!pause - pauses the audio
c!resume - resumes the audio
c!queue - shows the queue
c!clearqueue - clears the queue, this is a mod command and you need the role DJ for it to work.
c!skip - skips the song in the queue c!leave - leaves the vc
c!volume - changes the volume 1-100

c!pp - check your pp size KEK
c!searchspotify (artist) - gives you info on the spotify artist
c!botstaus - gives you info on the bot

Newer commands will be updated using the c!help command

Thanks for choosing Renos
Join our Support Server if you experience any issues!